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Past Events

Check out the events we've held in the past!

Walk for Wellness 2024
Kick off ceremony

28 April 2024

Walk for Wellness is a fundraising event that brings together alumni, students, teachers and parents in a shared commitment to raise funds for the schools. This year, we are doing it differently, by making this accessable for anyone from the marymount community from all over the world, Through this very first event of the Marymount centenary committee, the committee hope to create awareness about the schools' upcoming 100th anniversary in 2027, raise funds for the deveopment of our students and schools,  promote physical and mental well-being, and create a positive and empowering experience for all involved.

S6 Welcome Lunch

1 March 2023 

MSSAA has invited 20 alumni to come back to the school and have lunch with our S6 students.   Jennifer Chan, one of our alumni, had also given a speech about her professional journey.  We have received very positive feedback from our girls as they enjoyed the time spent with our alumni and hearing their stories. 

Christmas Lunch

22 December 2022

After 3 years, MSSAA has finally been able to host the annual Christmas lunch at the Marymount Primary School hall. A total of more than 80 guests attended and gathered for a cheerful Christmas lunch full of food, games and fun for alumni and their family.


Alumni Manager Election

11 December 2022

The MPS and MSS Sub-Committees of the Alumnae Association have notified the MPS and MSS Incorporated Management Committees of the names of the elected MPS and MSS Alumni Manager respectively.   Please note that a manager of any category acts in her personal capacity for the interests and benefits of the students of the school.  The current term of office of the elected Alumni Manager is two school years until 31st August 2024.

Results of the MPS and MSS Alumni Manager Election

The MPS and MSS Alumni Manager elections were held on 11th December 2022.  Amy Yung was elected as the MPS Alumni Manager and Maggie Chiu was elected as the MSS Alumni Manager.

Congratulations to Amy and Maggie.


Welcome S6 Lunch

6 September 2019

We welcomed the S6 students of the Class of 2020 to the MSS Alumnae Association big family at the Welcome S6 Lunch on Friday 6 September 2019.  Apart from the delicious buffet lunch and the prizes at the lucky draw, they also had a chance to meet with some of our executive committee members.  The students participated in the face painting competition, a tradition of the Welcome S6 Lunch, by showing off their teamwork and creativity, and the theme of the face painting competition “PEACE” was perfectly portrayed.   It was good to meet with the Class of 2020, and we wish them all the best.


Hong Kong Geopark One-day Boat Trip

6 October 2019

MSSAA has organized a Hong Kong Geopark One-Day Boat Trip on Sunday 6th October 2019. During the tour we will be visiting some of the islands at Sai Kung including Sharp Island (橋咀島), High Island Pak Lap Wan (糧船洲白腊灣), Jin Island (吊鐘洲) and  Yim Tin Tsai (鹽田籽)  with a seafood lunch at Sai Kung 洪記海鮮酒家.

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