MSSAA Credit Card
MSSAA Visa Card
Chong Hing Bank and M.S.S. Alumnae Association cordially launch the M.S.S. Alumnae Association Visa Card ("MSSAA Visa Card"), offering a wide variety of benefits and privileges. Also, you need not pay extra cost and can contribute to Marymount School's development.  
Hand In Hand Support The School's Development
Chong Hing Bank will contribute 0.25% of every dollar you spend with your MSSAA Visa Card (except cash advance, casino chip and Octopus transactions) to M.S.S. Alumnae Association Educational Trust to provide financial assistance, scholarships, replenishment of educational equipment and the School's other needs and development. In other words, every time  
you make a purchase with your Card, you are making contribution to the School. As graduates, parents or staff of Marymount School, it is a golden opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. To support our School, apply now!
With successful application, you will enjoy an array of the following benefits and privileges:
? Permanent Annual Fee Waiver
? Welcome Gift
Electric Can Opener Knife Sharpener Electronic Mini Chopper & Blender - 500ml
Note: To receive the gift, you are required to make one purchase transaction within 1 month of card issuance.
Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service -- Easy Shopping and Travelling

If the stored value of your Personalised Octopus Card becomes zero or negative, or the remaining value plus the negative value, i.e. a maximum of HK$35, is insufficient to cover the payment, MSSAA Visa Card will automatically reload the Personalised Octopus Card with HK$250. For such transactions, you are not only given a maximum of 56-day interest free repayment period, but also cash rebates or bonus points. From now on, you are not required to reload periodically and care about the remaining value of your Personalised Octopus Card. It is hassle-free and convenient. Notes:

1. For cardholders who are not holding Personalised Octopus Cards, Chong Hing Credit Card Centre will collect an application fee of HK$100 (including HK$50 deposit, HK$30 stored value and HK$20 non-refundable handling fee) for each Personalised Octopus Card on behalf of Octopus Cards Limited by debiting the cardholders' designated MSSAA Visa Card accounts. The above-mentioned application fee is not applicable to current users of Personalied Octopus Card.

2. Each Personalised Octopus Card can only be auto-reloaded once a day and each reloaded value is HK$250.

"Cash Rebate" or "Point-to-Gift" Redemption Program

"Cash Rebate" - For every dollar you spend on retail transactions and Octopus auto-reloads (excluding cash advances and casino chips), you can enjoy 0.5% cash rebate. All cash rebates will be credited to your credit card account automatically on a monthly basis.

"Point-to-Gift" - For every dollar you spend on retail transactions and Octopus auto-reloads (excluding cash advances and casino chips), you will be entitled to one bonus point. Points are valid for three years and can be redeemed for free payment credits, cash coupons and safe deposit box rentals, etc.

Privileges for Cardholders
? 24-hour cash advance and ATM services
(through ATMs that display "JETCO" and "VISA" logo worldwide)
? Flexible payment options
(Telephone Banking and i-Banking Services, PPS, Jet Payment, autopay, JETCO ATM, by mail or visit head office or branches of Chong Hing Bank)
? Maximum 56-day interest-free repayment period
? Complimentary newsletter featuring a host of shopping privileges
? Interest-free instalment program
? Free i-Banking Services through Chong Hing Bank's website
? 24-hour worldwide VISA emergency assistance
(for Gold Card Cardholders only)
Privileged Banking Services at Chong Hing Bank
? Extra interest rate on HKD fixed deposit for 1 month or more;
? Handling fee waiver for gift cheque purchase; half handling fee for cashier's order and traveller's cheque purchase;
? Preferential exchange rate and handling fee waiver for foreign exchange;
? Up to 30% discount on various insurance products#.
# Discount of the relevant premium is subject to the final decision of Chong Hing Insurance Company Limited.
(Click here for Application Form), and send the completed form by post to MSS for processing.